Survival (Wis)

You are adept at living in the wilderness, foraging for food and building shelter, and with training you discover the secrets of tracking and hiding your trail. Even if you’re untrained, you can still use Survival to Subsist.

Subsist in the wild by foraging for food and building shelter.

Sample Sense Direction Tasks

  • Untrained determine a cardinal direction using the sun
  • Trained find an overgrown path in a forest
  • Expert navigate a hedge maze
  • Master navigate a byzantine labyrinth or relatively featureless desert
  • Legendary navigate an ever-changing dream realm

Survival Trained Actions

Sample Track Tasks

  • Untrained the path of a large army following a road
  • Trained relatively fresh tracks of a rampaging bear through the plains
  • Expert a nimble panther’s tracks through a jungle, tracks after the rain
  • Master tracks after a winter snow, tracks of a mouse or smaller creature, tracks left on surfaces that can’t hold prints like bare rock
  • Legendary old tracks through a windy desert’s sands, tracks after a major blizzard or hurricane