Fighting for honor, greed, loyalty, or simply the thrill of battle, you are an undisputed master of weaponry and combat techniques. You combine your actions through clever combinations of opening moves, finishing strikes, and counterattacks whenever your foes are unwise enough to drop their guard. Whether you are a knight, mercenary, sharpshooter, or blade master, you have honed your martial skills into an art form and perform devastating critical attacks on your enemies.

During Combat Encounters...

You strike with unmatched accuracy and use specialized combat techniques. A melee fighter stands between allies and enemies, attacking foes who try to get past. A ranged fighter delivers precise shots from a distance.

During Social Encounters...

You can be an intimidating presence. This can be useful when negotiating with enemies, but is sometimes a liability in more genteel interactions.

While Exploring...

You keep up your defenses in preparation for combat, and keep an eye out for hidden threats. You also overcome physical challenges in your way, breaking down doors, lifting obstacles, climbing adeptly, and leaping across pits.

In Downtime...

You might perform manual labor or craft and repair armaments. If you know techniques you no longer favor, you might train yourself in new ones. If you’ve established your reputation, you might build an organization or a stronghold of your own.

You Might...

  • Know the purpose and quality of every weapon and piece of armor you own.
  • Recognize that the danger of an adventurer’s life must be balanced out with great revelry or ambitious works.
  • Have little patience for puzzles or problems that require detailed logic or study.

Others Probably...

  • Find you intimidating until they get to know you—and maybe even after they get to know you.
  • Expect you’re all brawn and no brains.
  • Respect your expertise in the art of warfare and value your opinion on the quality of armaments.

Fighter Advancement

Level Class Features
1 Ancestry and background, initial proficiencies, attack of opportunity, fighter feat, shield block
2 Fighter feat, skill feat
3 Bravery, general feat, skill increase
4 Fighter feat, skill feat
5 Ability boosts, ancestry feat, fighter weapon mastery, skill increase
6 Fighter feat, skill feat
7 Battlefield surveyor, general feat, skill increase, weapon specialization
8 Fighter feat, skill feat
9 Ancestry feat, combat flexibility, juggernaut, skill increase
10 Ability boosts, fighter feat, skill feat
11 Armor expertise, fighter expertise, general feat, skill increase
12 Fighter feat, skill feat
13 Ancestry feat, skill increase, weapon legend
14 Fighter feat, skill feat
15 Ability boosts, evasion, general feat, greater weapon specialization, improved flexibility, skill increase
16 Fighter feat, skill feat
17 Ancestry feat, armor mastery, skill increase
18 Fighter feat, skill feat
19 General feat, skill increase, versatile legend
20 Ability boosts, fighter feat, skill feat