Rage consumes you in battle. You delight in wreaking havoc and using powerful weapons to carve through your enemies, relying on astonishing durability without needing complicated techniques or rigid training. Your rages draw upon a vicious instinct, which you might associate with an animal, a spirit, or some part of yourself. To many barbarians, brute force is a hammer and every problem looks like a nail, whereas others try to hold back the storm of emotions inside them and release their rage only when it matters most.

During combat encounters…

  • You summon your rage and rush to the front lines to smash your way through.
  • Offense is your best defense—you’ll need to drop foes before they can exploit your relatively low defenses.

During social encounters…

  • You use intimidation to get what you need, especially when gentler persuasion can’t get the job done.

While exploring…

  • You look out for danger, ready to rush headfirst into battle in an instant. You climb the challenging rock wall and drop a rope for others to follow, and you wade into the risky currents to reach the hidden switch beneath the water’s surface. If something needs breaking, you’re up to the task!

In downtime…

  • You might head to a tavern to carouse, build up the fearsome legend of your mighty deeds, or recruit followers to become a warlord in your own right.

You might…

  • Have a deep-seated well of anger, hatred, or frustration.
  • Prefer a straightforward approach to one requiring patience and tedium.
  • Engage in a regimen of intense physical fitness—and punch anyone who says this conflicts with your distaste for patience and tedium.

Others probably…

  • Rely on your courage and your strength, and trust that you can hold your own in a fight.
  • See you as uncivilized or a boorish lout unfit for high society.
  • Believe that you are loyal to your friends and allies and will never relent until the fight is done.

Table: Barbarian Advancement

Level Class Features
1 Ancestry and background, initial proficiencies, rage, instinct, barbarian feat
2 Barbarian feat, skill feat
3 Deny advantage, general feat, skill increase
4 Barbarian feat, skill feat
5 Ability boosts, ancestry feat, brutality, skill increase
6 Barbarian feat, skill feat
7 General feat, juggernaut, skill increase, weapon specialization
8 Barbarian feat, skill feat
9 Ancestry feat, lightning reflexes, raging resistance, skill increase
10 Ability boosts, barbarian feat, skill feat
11 General feat, mighty rage, skill increase
12 Barbarian feat, skill feat
13 Ancestry feat, greater juggernaut, medium armor expertise, skill increase, weapon fury
14 Barbarian feat, skill feat
15 Ability boosts, general feat, greater weapon specialization, indomitable will, skill increase
16 Barbarian feat, skill feat
17 Ancestry feat, heightened senses, skill increase, quick rage
18 Barbarian feat, skill feat
19 Armor of fury, devastator, general feat, skill increase
20 Ability boosts, barbarian feat, skill feat