Acrobatics (Dex)

Acrobatics measures your ability to perform tasks requiring coordination and grace. When you use the Escape basic action (page 470), you can use your Acrobatics modifier instead of your unarmed attack modifier.

Sample Acrobatics Tasks

  • Untrained tangled roots, uneven cobblestones
  • Trained wooden beam
  • Expert deep, loose gravel
  • Master tightrope, smooth sheet of ice
  • Legendary razor’s edge, chunks of floor falling in midair

Acrobatics Trained Actions

Sample Maneuver in Flight Tasks

  • Trained steep ascent or descent
  • Expert fly against the wind, hover midair
  • Master reverse direction
  • Legendary fly through gale force winds

Sample Squeeze Tasks

  • Trained space barely fitting your shoulders
  • Master space barely fitting your head