Arcana (Int)

Arcana measures how much you know about arcane magic and creatures. Even if you’re untrained, you can Recall Knowledge.

Recall Knowledge about arcane theories; magic traditions; creatures of arcane significance (like dragons and beasts); and the Elemental, Astral, and Shadow Planes.

Arcana Trained Actions

You must be trained in Arcana to use it for the following general skill actions.

  • Decipher Writing about arcane theory.
  • Identify Magic, particularly arcane magic.
  • Learn a Spell from the arcane tradition.

Borrow an Arcane Spell

Concentrate Exploration

If you’re an arcane spellcaster who prepares from a spellbook, you can attempt to prepare a spell from someone else’s spellbook. The GM sets the DC for the check based on the spell’s level and rarity; it’s typically a bit easier than Learning the Spell.

  • Success You prepare the borrowed spell as part of your normal spell preparation.
  • Failure You fail to prepare the spell, but the spell slot remains available for you to prepare a different spell. You can’t try to prepare this spell until the next time you prepare spells.