Barbarian Feats

At every level that you gain a barbarian feat, you can select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before selecting the feat.

Acute Vision
Level 1 Barbarian

When you are raging, your visual senses improve, granting you darkvision.

Moment of Clarity
Level 1 Barbarian Concentrate Rage

You push back your rage for a moment in order to think clearly. Until the end of this turn, you can use actions with the concentrate trait even if those actions don’t have the rage trait.

Raging Intimidation
Level 1 Barbarian

Your fury fills your foes with fear. While you are raging, your Demoralize and Scare to Death actions (from the Intimidation skill and an Intimidation skill feat, respectively) gain the rage trait, allowing you to use them while raging. As soon as you meet the prerequisites for the skill feats Intimidating Glare and Scare to Death, you gain these feats.

Raging Thrower
Level 1 Barbarian

Thrown weapons become especially deadly in your fury. You apply the additional damage from Rage to your thrown weapon attacks. If you have the Brutal Critical feat or the devastator class feature, apply their benefits to thrown weapon attacks.

Sudden Charge
Level 1 Barbarian Flourish Open

With a quick sprint, you dash up to your foe and swing. Stride twice. If you end your movement within melee reach of at least one enemy, you can make a melee Strike against that enemy. You can use Sudden Charge while Burrowing, Climbing, Flying, or Swimming instead of Striding if you have the corresponding movement type.

Acute Scent
Level 2 Barbarian

Prerequisites: Acute Vision or darkvision

When you Rage, your sense of smell improves. You gain imprecise scent with a range of 30 feet.

Furious Finish
Level 2 Barbarian Rage

Desperate to finish the fight, you pour all your rage into one final blow. Make a Strike. If it hits, you gain a circumstance bonus to damage equal to the number of rounds remaining in your Rage (maximum 10). After this Strike, your Rage immediately ends, and you are fatigued until you rest for at least 10 minutes.

No Escape
Level 1 Barbarian Rage

You keep pace with a retreating foe. Stride up to your Speed, following the foe and keeping it in reach throughout its movement until it stops moving or you’ve moved your full Speed. You can use No Escape to Burrow, Climb, Fly, or Swim instead of Stride if you have the corresponding movement type.

Second Wind
Level 2 Barbarian

You can enter a second rage, but afterward you need to catch your breath. You can Rage without waiting for 1 minute after the previous Rage (or 1 round, with quick rage), but when you end this second Rage, you’re fatigued until you rest for 10 minutes.

Shake it Off
Level 2 Barbarian Concentrate Rage

You concentrate on your rage, overcoming fear and fighting back sickness. Reduce your frightened condition value by 1, and attempt a Fortitude save to recover from the sickened condition as if you had spent an action retching; you reduce your sickened condition value by 1 on a failure (but not on a critical failure), by 2 on a success, or by 3 on a critical success.

Fast Movement
Level 4 Barbarian

Your rage is a frenzy of rapid movements. While you are raging, you gain a +10-foot status bonus to your Speed.

Raging Athlete
Level 4 Barbarian

Prerequisites: expert in _Athletics_

Physical obstacles can’t hold back your fury. While you are raging, you gain a climb Speed and swim Speed equal to your land Speed, the DC of High Jumps and Long Jumps decreases by 10, and your Leap distance increases by 5 feet when you jump horizontally and by 2 feet when you jump vertically.

Level 4 Barbarian Flourish

You make a wide, arcing swing. Make a single melee Strike and compare the attack roll result to the ACs of up to two foes, each of whom must be within your melee reach and adjacent to the other. Roll damage only once and apply it to each creature you hit. A Swipe counts as two attacks for your multiple attack penalty. If you’re using a weapon with the sweep trait, its modifier applies to all your Swipe attacks.

Wounded Rage
Level 4 Barbarian

Trigger: You take damage and are capable of entering a rage.

You roar in pain, awakening the rage within you. You Rage.

Animal Skin
Level 6 transmutation Primal Instinct Barbarian morph

Prerequisites: animal instinct

Your proficiency in unarmored defense increases to expert. While you are raging and unarmored, your skin transforms into a thick hide resembling your animal’s skin. You gain a +1 status bonus to AC instead of taking a –1 penalty to AC; if you have the greater juggernaut class feature, this status bonus increases to +2. The thickness of your hide gives you a Dexterity modifier cap to your AC of +3.

Attack of Opportunity
Level 6 champion Barbarian

Trigger: A creature within your reach uses a manipulate action or a move action, makes a ranged attack, or leaves a square during a move action it’s using.

You lash out at a foe that leaves an opening. Make a melee Strike against the triggering creature. If your attack is a critical hit and the trigger was a manipulate action, you disrupt that action. This Strike doesn’t count toward your multiple attack penalty, and your multiple attack penalty doesn’t apply to this Strike.

Brutal Bully
Level 6 Barbarian

Prerequisites: expert in Athletics

You push your foes around and leave bruises. While raging, when you successfully Disarm, Grapple, Shove, or Trip a foe, you deal that foe bludgeoning damage equal to your Strength modifier; add this to the damage from a critical success to Trip.

Level 6 Barbarian Rage

Trigger: Your melee Strike kills a creature or knocks it unconscious, and another foe is adjacent to that creature.

You swing clear through one foe and into another. Make a melee Strike against the second foe.

Dragon's Rage Breath
Level 6 Instinct Arcane Concentrate evocation Rage Barbarian

Prerequisites: dragon instinct

You breathe deeply and exhale powerful energy in a 30-foot cone or 60-foot line, dealing 1d6 damage per level. The area and damage type match those of your dragon (see Table 3–4 on page 86). If you used this ability in the last hour, the area and the damage are halved (15-foot cone or 30-foot line; 1d6 damage for every 2 levels). Each creature in the area must attempt a basic Reflex save.

Giant's Stature
Level 6 transmutation Primal Instinct Rage Barbarian polymorph

Prerequisites: giant instinct

You grow to incredible size. You become Large, increasing your reach by 5 feet and gaining the clumsy 1 condition (page 618) until you stop raging. Your equipment grows with you.

Spirits' Interference
Level 6 Barbarian Rage Instinct Necromancy

Prerequisites: spirit instinct

You call forth protective spirits to ward off ranged attacks. Until your rage ends, anyone making a ranged attack against you must succeed at a DC 5 flat check or the attack misses with no effect.

Animal Rage
Level 8 transmutation Primal Instinct Concentrate Rage Barbarian polymorph

Prerequisites: animal instinct

You transform into your animal. You gain the effects of the 3rd-level animal form spell except you use your own statistics, temporary Hit Points, and unarmed attacks instead of those granted by animal form. You also retain the constant abilities of your gear. If your animal is a frog, your tongue’s reach increases to 15 feet. Dismissing the transformation gains the rage trait.

Furious Bully
Level 8 Barbarian

Prerequisites: master in Athletics

You bully foes across the battlefield. While raging, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Athletics checks for attack actions.

Renewed Vigor
Level 8 Barbarian Concentrate Rage

You pause to recover your raging vigor. You gain temporary Hit Points equal to half your level plus your Constitution modifier.