Athletics (Str)

Athletics allows you to perform deeds of physical prowess. When you use the Escape basic action, you can use your Athletics modifier instead of your unarmed attack modifier.

Sample Athletics Tasks

  • Untrained ladder, steep slope, low-branched tree
  • Trained rigging, rope, typical tree
  • Expert wall with small handholds and footholds
  • Master ceiling with handholds and footholds, rock wall
  • Legendary smooth surface

This table provides a quick reference for how far you can move with a Climb or Swim action.

Sample Force Open Tasks

  • Untrained fabric, flimsy glass
  • Trained ice, sturdy glass
  • Expert flimsy wooden door, wooden portcullis Master sturdy wooden door, iron portcullis, metal bar
  • Legendary stone or iron door


The Leap basic action is used for High Jump and Long Jump. Leap lets you take a careful, short jump. You can Leap up to 10 feet horizontally if your Speed is at least 15 feet, or up to 15 feet horizontally if your Speed is at least 30 feet. You land in the space where your Leap ends (meaning you can typically clear a 5-foot gap if your Speed is between 15 feet and 30 feet, or a 10-foot gap if your Speed is 30 feet or more). If you make a vertical Leap, you can move up to 3 feet vertically and 5 feet horizontally onto an elevated surface.

Forced Movement

The Shove action can force a creature to move. When an effect forces you to move, or if you start falling, the distance you move is defined by the effect that moved you, not by your Speed. Because you’re not acting to move, this doesn’t trigger reactions triggered by movement.

Sample Swim Tasks

  • Untrained lake or other still water
  • Trained flowing water, like a river
  • Expert swiftly flowing river
  • Master stormy sea
  • Legendary maelstrom, waterfall


When you fall more than 5 feet, you take falling damage when you land, which is bludgeoning damage equal to half the distance you fell. If you take any damage from a fall, you’re knocked prone when you land.

If you fall into water, snow, or another soft substance, calculate the damage from the fall as though your fall were 20 feet shorter. The reduction can’t be greater than the depth of the water (so when falling into water that is only 10 feet deep, you treat the fall as 10 feet shorter).

You can Grab an Edge as a reaction to reduce or eliminate the damage from some falls.

Athletics Trained Actions