Occultism (Int)

You know a great deal about ancient philosophies, esoteric lore, obscure mysticism, and supernatural creatures. Even if you’re untrained in Occultism, you can use it to Recall Knowledge.

  • Recall Knowledge about ancient mysteries; obscure philosophies; creatures of occult significance (like aberrations, spirits, and oozes); and the Positive Energy, Negative Energy, Shadow, Astral, and Ethereal Planes.

Occultism Trained Actions

You must be trained in Occultism to use it for the following general skill actions.

  • Decipher Writing on occult topics, including complex metaphysical systems, syncretic principles, weird philosophies, and incoherent ramblings.
  • Identify Magic, particularly occult magic.
  • Learn a Spell from the occult tradition.