You are an emissary of a deity, a devoted servant who has taken up a weighty mantle, and you adhere to a code that holds you apart from those around you. While champions exist for every alignment, as a champion of good, you provide certainty and hope to the innocent. You have powerful defenses that you share freely with your allies and innocent bystanders, as well as holy power you use to end the threat of evil. Your devotion even attracts the attention of holy spirits who aid you on your journey.

During Combat Encounters...

You confront enemies in hand-to-hand combat while carefully positioning yourself to protect your allies.

During Social Encounters...

You are a voice of hope, striving to reach a peaceful solution that strengthens bonds and yields good results for all.

While Exploring...

You overcome barriers both physical and spiritual, providing inspiration to your allies through your actions and—when your fellow adventurers ask for it—providing moral and ethical guidance.

In Downtime...

You spend much of your time in solemn prayer and contemplation, rigorous training, charity work, and fulfilling the tenets of your code, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to take up a craft or hobby.

You Might...

  • Believe there is always hope that good will triumph over evil, no matter how grim the odds.
  • Know the ends don’t justify the means, since evil acts increase the power of evil.
  • Have a strong sense of right and wrong, and grow frustrated when greed or shortsightedness breeds evil.

Others Probably...

  • See you as a symbol of hope, especially in a time of great need.
  • Worry you secretly despise them for not living up to your impossible standard, or that you are unwilling to compromise when necessary.
  • Know that you’ve sworn divine oaths of service they can trust you to keep.

Champion Advancement

Level Class Features
1 Ancestry and background, initial proficiencies, champion’s code, deity and cause, deific weapon, champion’s reaction, devotion spells, champion feat, shield block
2 Champion feat, skill feat
3 Divine ally, general feat, skill increase
4 Champion feat, skill feat
5 Ability boosts, ancestry feat, skill increase, weapon expertise
6 Champion feat, skill feat
7 Armor expertise, general feat, skill increase, weapon specialization
8 Champion feat, skill feat
9 Ancestry feat, champion expertise, divine smite, juggernaut, lightning reflexes, skill increase
10 Ability boosts, champion feat, skill feat
11 Alertness, divine will, exalt, general feat, skill increase
12 Champion feat, skill feat
13 Ancestry feat, armor mastery, skill increase, weapon mastery
14 Champion feat, skill feat
15 Ability boosts, general feat, greater weapon specialization, skill increase
16 Champion feat, skill feat
17 Ancestry feat, champion mastery, legendary armor, skill increase
18 Champion feat, skill feat
19 General feat, hero’s defiance, skill increase
20 Ability boosts, champion feat, skill feat