There’s no sight more beautiful to you than a strange brew bubbling in a beaker, and you consume your ingenious elixirs with abandon. You’re fascinated by uncovering the secrets of science and the natural world, and you’re constantly experimenting in your lab or on the go with inventive concoctions for every eventuality. You are fearless in the face of risk, hurling explosive or toxic creations at your foes. Your unique path toward greatness is lined with alchemical brews that push your mind and body to their limits.

During combat encounters…

You lob bombs at your foes, harry your enemies, and support the rest of your party with potent elixirs. At higher levels, your mutagens warp your body into a Resilient and powerful weapon.

During social encounters…

You provide knowledge and experience about alchemical items and related secrets, such as poisons and diseases.

While exploring…

You keep an eye out for trouble with your bombs at the ready, while giving advice on all things alchemical and mysterious.

In downtime…

You experiment in an alchemical lab, brewing elixirs, making bombs, and furthering your alchemical knowledge.

You might…

  • Enjoy tinkering with strange formulas and alchemical reagents, often with a single-minded dedication and recklessness that gives others pause.
  • Get a kick out of wreaking havoc with the alchemical concoctions you’ve made, and enjoy watching things burn, dissolve, freeze, and jolt.
  • Endlessly experiment to discover new, more potent alchemical tools.

Others probably…

  • Think you’re some kind of sorcerer or an eccentric wizard and don’t understand that you don’t cast spells; spellcasters who clumsily dabble in alchemy only heighten this misconception.
  • Don’t understand your zeal for alchemy, creativity, and invention.
  • Assume that if you haven’t caused a catastrophe with your experimentations, you inevitably will.

Table: Alchemist Advancement

Level Class Features
1 Ancestry and background, initial proficiencies, alchemy, formula book, research field, alchemist feat
2 Alchemist feat, skill feat
3 General feat, skill increase
4 Alchemist feat, skill feat
5 Ability boosts, ancestry feat, field discovery, skill increase
6 Alchemist feat, skill feat
7 Alchemical weapon expertise, general feat, iron will, perpetual infusions, skill increase
8 Alchemist feat, skill feat
9 Alchemical expertise, alertness, ancestry feat, double brew, skill increase
10 Ability boosts, alchemist feat, skill feat
11 General feat, juggernaut, perpetual potency, skill increase
12 Alchemist feat, skill feat
13 Ancestry feat, greater field discovery, light armor expertise, skill increase, weapon specialization
14 Alchemist feat, skill feat
15 Ability boosts, alchemical alacrity, evasion, general feat, skill increase
16 Alchemist feat, skill feat
17 Alchemical mastery, ancestry feat, perpetual perfection, skill increase
18 Alchemist feat, skill feat
19 General feat, light armor mastery, skill increase
20 Ability boosts, alchemist feat, skill feat