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Half-elf Ancestry Feats

A human with elf or orc blood is called a half-elf or half-orc, respectively, which is represented by the corresponding heritage. If you have the half-elf or half-orc heritage, you can select from additional ancestry feats not available to other humans.

The following feats are available to half-elves.

Elf Atavism

Level 1


Your elven blood runs particularly strong, granting you features far more elven than those of a typical half-elf. You may also have been raised among elves, steeped in your elven ancestors’ heritage. You gain the benefits of the elf heritage of your elven parent or ancestors. You typically can’t select a heritage that depends on or improves an elven feature you don’t have. For example, you couldn’t gain the cavern elf’s darkvision ability if you didn’t have low-light vision. In these cases, at the GM’s discretion, you might gain a different benefit.

Special You can take this feat only at 1st level, and you can’t retrain out of this feat or into this feat.

Inspire Imitation

Level 5


Your own actions inspire your allies to great achievements. Whenever you critically succeed at a skill check, you automatically qualify to use the Aid reaction when attempting to help an ally using the same skill, even without spending an action to prepare to do so.

Supernatural Charm

Level 5


The elven magic in your blood manifests as a force you can use to become more appealing or alluring. You can cast 1st-level charm as an arcane innate spell once per day.