Rogue Feats

At every level that you gain a rogue feat, you can select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before selecting the feat.

Debilitating Strike
Level 9 Rogue

Trigger: Your Strike hits a flat-footed creature and deals damage.

You apply one of the following debilitations, which lasts until the end of your next turn.

Debilitation The target takes a –10-foot status penalty to its Speeds.

Debilitation The target becomes enfeebled 1.

Master Strike
Level 19 Rogue Incapacitation

Trigger: Your Strike hits a flat-footed creature and deals damage.

The target attempts a Fortitude save at your class DC. It then becomes temporarily immune to your Master Strike for 1 day.

Critical Success The target is unaffected.

Success The target is enfeebled 2 until the end of your next turn.

Failure The target is paralyzed for 4 rounds.

Critical Failure The target is paralyzed for 4 rounds, knocked unconscious for 2 hours, or killed (your choice).

Nimble Dodge
Level 1 Rogue

Trigger: A creature targets you with an attack and you can see the attacker.

You deftly dodge out of the way, gaining a +2 circumstance bonus to AC against the triggering attack.

Trap Finder
Level 1 Rogue

You have an intuitive sense that alerts you to the dangers and presence of traps. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Perception checks to find traps, to AC against attacks made by traps, and to saves against traps. Even if you aren’t Searching, you get a check to find traps that normally require you to be Searching. You still need to meet any other requirements to find the trap.

You can disable traps that require a proficiency rank of master in Thievery. If you have master proficiency in Thievery, you can disable traps that require a proficiency rank of legendary instead, and your circumstance bonuses against traps increase to +2.

Twin Feint
Level 1 Rogue

You make a dazzling series of attacks with both weapons, using the first attack to throw your foe off guard against a second attack at a different angle. Make one Strike with each of your two melee weapons, both against the same target. The target is automatically flat-footed against the second attack. Apply your multiple attack penalty to the Strikes normally.

You're Next
Level 1 Mental Fear Emotion Rogue

Prerequisites: trained in Intimidation

Trigger: You reduce an enemy to 0 hit points.

After downing a foe, you menacingly remind another foe that you’re coming after them next. Attempt an Intimidation check with a +2 circumstance bonus to Demoralize a single creature that you can see and that can see you. If you have legendary proficiency in Intimidation, you can use this as a free action with the same trigger.

Brutal Beating
Level 1 Rogue

Prerequisites: ruffian racket

The brutality of your critical hits shakes your foes’ confidence. Whenever your Strike is a critical hit and deals damage, the target is frightened 1.

Distracting Feint
Level 2 Rogue

Prerequisites: scoundrel racket

Your Feints are far more distracting than normal, drawing your foes’ attention and allowing you and your allies to take greater advantage. While a creature is flat-footed by your Feint, it also takes a –2 circumstance penalty to Perception checks and Reflex saves.

Minor Magic
Level 2 Rogue

You’ve dabbled in a variety of tricks, gaining minor magical abilities from a particular tradition. Choose arcane, divine, occult, or primal magic, and gain two cantrips from the common cantrips available to that tradition.

Level 2 Rogue

You move in a way that denies your enemies the opportunity to retaliate. When you take a Stride action to move half your Speed or less, that movement does not trigger reactions. You can use Mobility when Climbing, Flying, or Swimming instead of Striding if you have the corresponding movement type.

Quick Draw
Level 2 Rogue

You draw your weapon and attack with the same motion. You Interact to draw a weapon, then Strike with that weapon.

Unbalancing Blow
Level 2 Rogue

Prerequisites: thief racket

Interweaving your most powerful attacks in a graceful flow, you temporarily unbalance your foes. Whenever your Strike is a critical hit and deals damage, the target is flat-footed against your attacks until the end of your next turn.

Battle Assessment
Level 4 Rogue Secret

With careful observation during battle, you identify an enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. The GM rolls a secret Perception check for you against the Deception or Stealth DC (whichever is higher) of an enemy of your choice who is not concealed from you, hidden from you, or undetected by you, and who is engaged in combat. The GM might apply a penalty for the distance between you and the enemy. The enemy is then temporarily immune to your Battle Assessment for 1 day.

Critical Success The GM chooses two of the following pieces of information about the enemy to tell you: which of the enemy’s weaknesses is highest, which of the enemy’s saving throws has the lowest modifier, one immunity the enemy has, or which of the enemy’s resistances is highest. If the event of a tie, the GM should pick one at random.

Success The GM chooses one piece of information from the above list to tell you about the enemy.

Critical Failure The GM gives you false information (the GM makes up the information).

Dead Striker
Level 4 Rogue

You capitalize on your enemies’ fear to slip past their defenses. Any creature that has the frightened condition is also flat-footed against your attacks.

Magical Trickster
Level 4 Rogue

Whether you’re using magic items, wielding innate magic, or dabbling in spellcasting, you can sneak spells past your foes’ defenses as easily as any blade. When you succeed at a spell attack roll against a flat-footed foe’s AC and the spell deals damage, you can add your sneak attack damage to the damage roll. If your single spell leads to multiple separate damage rolls, apply your sneak attack damage only once per target.

Poison Weapon
Level 4 Rogue Manipulate

You apply a poison to the required weapon. If your next attack with that weapon before the end of your next turn hits and deals damage, it applies the effects of the poison, provided that poison can be delivered by contact or injury. If you critically fail the attack roll, the poison is wasted as normal.

Special During your daily preparations, you can prepare a number of simple injury poisons equal to your rogue level. These poisons deal 1d4 poison damage. Only you can apply these poisons properly, and they expire the next time you prepare.

Reactive Pursuit
Level 4 Rogue

Trigger: An adjacent foe moves away from you, and you can reach at least one space adjacent to the foe with a Stride action.

You keep pace with a retreating foe. You Stride, but you must end your movement adjacent to the triggering enemy. Your move does not trigger reactions from the triggering enemy. You can use Reactive Pursuit to Burrow, Climb, Fly, or Swim instead of Stride if you have the corresponding movement type.

Level 4 Rogue Incapacitation

You subtly damage others’ equipment. Choose one item that a creature within your reach wields or carries. The item must have moving parts that you could possibly sabotage (a shortbow could be sabotaged, but a longsword could not). Attempt a Thievery check against the Reflex DC of the creature. Damage dealt by Sabotage can’t take the item below its Break Threshold.

Critical Success You deal damage equal to four times your Thievery proficiency bonus.

Success You deal damage equal to double your Thievery proficiency bonus.

Critical Failure Temporarily immune to your Sabotage for 1 day.

Scout's Warning
Level 4 Rogue

Trigger: You are about to roll a Perception or Survival check for initiative.

You visually or audibly warn your allies of danger, granting them each a +1 circumstance bonus to their initiative rolls. Depending on whether you use gestures or call out, this action gains either the visual or auditory trait, respectively.

Gang Up
Level 6 Rogue

You and your allies harry an opponent in concert. Any enemy is flat-footed against your melee attacks due to flanking as long as the enemy is within both your reach and your ally’s. Your allies must still flank an enemy for it to be flat-footed to them.

Light Step
Level 6 Rogue

You aren’t bothered by tricky footing. When you Stride or Step, you can ignore difficult terrain.

Skirmish Strike
Level 6 Rogue Flourish

Your feet and weapon move in tandem. Either Step and then Strike, or Strike and then Step.

Twist the Knife
Level 6 Rogue

After stabbing your opponent in a weak spot, you tear the wound open. You deal persistent bleed damage to the target equal to your number of sneak attack damage dice.

Level 8 Rogue

Prerequisites: master in Perception

Your battle instincts make you more aware of concealed and invisible opponents. You don’t need to succeed at a flat check to target concealed creatures. You’re not flat-footed to creatures that are hidden from you (unless you’re flat-footed to them for reasons other than the hidden condition), and you need only a successful DC 5 flat check to target a hidden creature.

While you’re adjacent to an undetected creature of your level or lower, it is instead only hidden from you.

Delay Trap
Level 8 Rogue

Trigger: A trap within your reach is triggered.

You can jam the workings of a trap to delay its effects. Attempt a Thievery check to Disable a Device on the trap; the DC to do so is increased by 5, and the effects are as follows.

Critical Success You prevent the trap from being triggered, or you delay the activation until the start or end of your next turn (your choice).

Success You prevent the trap from being triggered, or you delay the activation until the end of your next turn (whichever is worse for you; GM’s choice).

Failure No effect.

Critical Failure You’re flat-footed until the start of your next turn.

Improved Poison Weapon
Level 8 Rogue

Prerequisites: Poison Weapon

You deliver poisons in ways that maximize their harmful effects. When you apply a simple poison with Poison Weapon, the poison deals 2d4 poison damage instead of 1d4 poison damage. You don’t waste a poison you apply with Poison Weapon on a critically failed attack roll.

Nimble Roll
Level 8 Rogue

Prerequisites: Nimble Dodge

You throw yourself into a roll to escape imminent danger. You can use Nimble Dodge before attempting a Reflex save in addition to its original trigger. If you do, the circumstance bonus applies to your Reflex save against the triggering effect.

When you use Nimble Dodge and the triggering attack fails or critically fails, or when you succeed or critically succeed at the saving throw, you can also Stride up to 10 feet as part of the reaction. If you do, the reaction gains the move trait. You can use Nimble Roll while Flying or Swimming instead of Striding if you have the corresponding movement type.

Opportune Backstab
Level 8 Rogue

Trigger: A creature within your melee reach is hit by a melee attack from one of your allies.

When your enemy is hit by your ally, you capitalize upon the distraction. Make a Strike against the triggering creature.

Level 8 Rogue

Trigger: The attack roll for a Strike targeting you fails or critically fails.

You deftly step out of the way of an attack, letting the blow continue to the creature next to you. You redirect the attack to a creature of your choice that is adjacent to you and within the reach of the triggering attack. The attacker rerolls the Strike’s attack roll against the new target.

Sly Striker
Level 8 Rogue

Prerequisites: sneak attack

Your attacks deal more damage, even against creatures that aren’t flat-footed. When you succeed or critically succeed at a Strike against a creature that isn’t flat-footed, you also deal 1d6 precision damage. This applies only if you’re using a weapon or

Precise Debilitations
Level 10 Rogue

Prerequisites: thief racket, Debilitating Strike

You carefully aim and gracefully deliver your debilitations. Add the following debilitations to the list you can choose from when you use Debilitating Strike.

  • Debilitation The target takes an additional 2d6 precision damage from your attacks.
  • Debilitation The target becomes flat-footed.
Sneak Savant
Level 10 Rogue

Prerequisites: master in Stealth

It is almost impossible to spot you without taking effort to look. When you roll a failure on a Sneak action, you get a success instead. You can still critically fail.

Tactical Debilitations
Level 10 Rogue

Prerequisites: scoundrel racket, Debilitating Strike

You learn new debilitations that grant you tactical advantages against your foes. Add the following debilitations to the list you can choose from when you use Debilitating Strike.

  • Debilitation The target can’t use reactions.
  • Debilitation The target can’t flank or contribute to allies’ flanking.
Vicious Debilitations
Level 10 Rogue

Prerequisites: ruffian racket, Debilitating Strike

The debilitations you dish out seriously impair your foes. Add the following debilitations to the list you can choose from when you use Debilitating Strike.

  • Debilitation The target gains weakness 5 to your choice of bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage.
  • Debilitation The target becomes clumsy 1.
Critical Debilitation
Level 10 Rogue Incapacitation

Prerequisites: Debilitating Strike

Your debilitations are especially effective on your most powerful attacks. Whenever you critically succeed at an attack roll against an enemy and use Debilitating Strike, add the following debilitation to the list you can choose from.

  • Debilitation The target attempts a Fortitude save against your class DC with the following effects.

Critical Success The target is unaffected.

Success The target is slowed 1 until the end of your next turn.

Failure The target is slowed 2 until the end of your next turn.

Critical Failure The target is paralyzed until the end of your next turn.

Fantastic Leap
Level 12 Rogue

You launch yourself through the air at a foe. Attempt a High Jump or Long Jump. If you attempt a High Jump, determine the distance you can travel using the scale of a Long Jump. At the end of your jump, you can make a melee Strike. After your Strike, you fall to the ground if you’re in the air. If the distance of your fall is no more than the height of your jump, you take no damage and land upright.

Felling Shot
Level 12 Rogue

Your ranged attacks can shoot an unprepared foe right out of the air. Make a Strike with a ranged weapon or a thrown weapon against a flat-footed creature. If the Strike is a success and deals damage, the target must attempt a Reflex save against your class DC with the following effects.

Success The target is unaffected.

Failure The target falls up to 120 feet. If it hits the ground, it takes no damage from the fall.

Critical Failure As failure, and the target can’t fly, jump, levitate, or otherwise leave the ground until the end of your next turn.

Reactive Interference
Level 12 Rogue

Trigger: An adjacent enemy begins to use a reaction.

Grabbing a sleeve, swiping with your weapon, or creating another obstruction, you reflexively foil an enemy’s response. If the triggering creature’s level is equal to or lower than yours, you disrupt the triggering reaction. If the triggering creature’s level is higher than yours, you must make an attack roll against its AC. On a success, you disrupt the reaction.

Spring From the Shadows
Level 12 Rogue Flourish

Leaping out from hiding, you assail your target when they least expect it. You Stride up to your Speed, but you must end your movement next to an enemy you’re hidden from or undetected by. You then Strike that enemy; you remain hidden from or undetected by that creature until after you Strike. You can use Spring from the Shadows while Burrowing, Climbing, Flying, or Swimming instead of Striding if you have the corresponding movement type.

Defensive Roll
Level 14 Rogue

Trigger: A physical attack would reduce you to 0 Hit Points.

Dropping into a roll to disperse the force of the blow, you can partially evade a lethal attack and stay conscious. You take half damage from the triggering attack.

Instant Opening
Level 14 Rogue Concentrate

You distract your opponent with a few choice words or a rude gesture. Choose a target within 30 feet. It’s flat-footed against your attacks until the end of your next turn. Depending on the way you describe your distraction, this action gains either the auditory or visual trait.

Leave an Opening
Level 14 Rogue

When you hit hard enough, you leave an opening so your ally can jump in on the action. Whenever you critically hit a flat-footed opponent with a melee attack and deal damage, the target triggers an Attack of Opportunity reaction from one ally of your choice who has that reaction, as if the enemy had used a manipulate action.

Sense the Unseen
Level 14 Rogue

Trigger: You fail a check to Seek.

When you look for foes, you catch the slightest of cues. Even though you failed at the triggering check, you automatically sense any undetected creatures in the area where you’re Seeking, making them merely hidden to you.

Blank Slate
Level 16 Rogue

Prerequisites: legendary in Deception

Your deceptions confound even the most powerful mortal divinations. Detection, revelation, and scrying effects pass right over you, your possessions, and your auras, detecting nothing unless the detecting effect has a counteract level of 20 or higher. For example, detect magic would still detect other magic in the area but not any magic on you, true seeing wouldn’t reveal you, locate or scrying wouldn’t find you, and so on.

Cloud Step
Level 16 Rogue

Prerequisites: legendary in Acrobatics

Using fantastic acrobatic skill, you can walk for brief stretches across insubstantial surfaces. When you Stride, you can move across water, air, and solid surfaces that can hold only limited weight as if they were normal ground. If you Stride over a trap with a weight-sensitive pressure plate, you don’t trigger it. At the end of your turn, you sink, fall, break fragile surfaces, or trigger traps as normal for your current location.

Cognitive Loophole
Level 16 Rogue

Trigger: Your turn ends.

You can find a loophole in a mental effect to temporarily overcome it. Until the end of your next turn, you ignore a single mental effect that meets the requirement. You can suppress a particular effect using Cognitive Loophole only once.

Special You can use this reaction even if the mental effect is preventing you from using reactions.

Dispelling Slice
Level 16 Rogue

Your sneak attack slices through the threads binding magic to a target. Make a Strike against a flat-footed creature (your choice). If your Strike deals sneak attack damage, you attempt to counteract a single spell active on the target. Your counteract level is equal to your rogue level, and your counteract check modifier is equal to your class DC – 10.

Perfect Distraction
Level 16 Rogue

Prerequisites: legendary in Deception

You use clever tactics to mislead your foes as you sneak away. You Sneak while leaving a decoy behind. The decoy acts as the spell mislead, though you aren’t invisible, just undetected. You can continue to concentrate to move your decoy, as with the spell, whether or not you remain hidden throughout the duration. Once you use Perfect Distraction, you need to spend 10 minutes to set up another decoy before you can use it again.

Implausible Infiltration
Level 18 Magical Move Rogue

Prerequisites: legendary in Acrobatics, Quick Squeeze

You find tiny holes or imperfections that no one else could see and try to somehow fit yourself through them,
possibly moving directly through the wall or floor from one side to the other. Your movement attempt fails if the wall or floor is made of something other than wood, plaster, or stone; is thicker than 10 feet; or contains even a thin layer of metal. If you have a climb Speed, you can use this ability to attempt to move through a ceiling.

Powerful Sneak
Level 18 Rogue

You have learned to exploit your enemies’ lowered defenses. When you succeed or critically succeed at a Strike using your Strength modifier on the attack roll and you would deal sneak attack damage, you can change the additional damage from sneak attack into ordinary damage of the same type as your Strike, rather than precision damage.

Trickster's Ace
Level 18 Rogue Concentrate

Trigger: You specify the trigger when you make your daily preparations (see Requirements below).

Whether from jury-rigged magic items, stolen magical essence, or other means, you have a contingency in your back pocket for desperate situations. When the trigger occurs, you cause the spell to come into effect. The spell targets only you, no matter how many creatures it would affect normally. If you define particularly complicated conditions, as determined by the GM, the trigger might fail. Once the contingency is triggered, the spell is expended until your next daily preparations.

Hidden Paragon
Level 20 Rogue

Prerequisites: legendary in Stealth

Trigger: You successfully use Stealth to Hide and become hidden from all of your current foes, or use Stealth to Sneak and become undetected to all your current foes.

When you put your mind to slipping out of sight, you disappear completely. You become invisible for 1 minute, even if you use a hostile action. Not even glitterdust, see invisibility, or similar effects can reveal you, though creatures can still use the Seek action to locate you as normal.

Impossible Striker
Level 20 Rogue

Prerequisites: Sly Striker

Your attacks are swift and deadly beyond explanation. Nothing can prevent you from making a sneak attack, even if your opponent can see every blow coming. Instead of dealing the damage from Sly Striker, you can deal your full sneak attack damage to a target even if the target isn’t flat-footed.

Reactive Distraction
Level 20 Rogue Concentrate Manipulate

Prerequisites: legendary in Deception, Perfect Distraction

Trigger: You would be hit by an attack or targeted by an effect, or you are within an effect’s area.

You reactively switch with your decoy to foil your foe. You use Perfect Distraction, even if you were observed, as long as you end the movement of your Sneak while concealed or in a location with cover or greater cover. Your decoy is targeted by the attack or effect instead of you. In the case of an area effect, if your Sneak doesn’t move you out of the area, both you and the decoy are targeted by the effect.