Religion (Wis)

The secrets of deities, dogma, faith, and the realms of divine creatures both sublime and sinister are open to you. You also understand how magic works, though your training imparts a religious slant to that knowledge.

Even if you’re untrained in Religion, you can use it to Recall Knowledge.

  • Recall Knowledge about divine agents, the finer points of theology, obscure myths regarding a faith, and creatures of religious significance (like celestials, fiends, and undead), the Outer Sphere, and the Positive and Negative Energy Planes.

Religion Trained Actions

You must be trained in Religion to use it for the following general skill actions.

  • Decipher Writing of a religious nature, including allegories, homilies, and proverbs.
  • Identify Magic, particularly divine magic.
  • Learn a Spell from the divine tradition.