Crafting (Int)

You can use this skill to create, understand, and repair items.

Even if you’re untrained, you can Recall Knowledge.

Recall Knowledge about alchemical reactions, the value of items, engineering, unusual materials, and alchemical or mechanical creatures. The GM determines which creatures this applies to, but it usually includes constructs.

Crafting Trained Actions

You must be trained in Crafting to use it to Earn Income.

Earn Income by crafting goods for the market.

Consumables and Ammunition

You can Craft items with the consumable trait in batches, making up to four of the same item at once with a single check. This requires you to include the raw materials for all the items in the batch at the start, and you must complete the batch all at once. You also Craft non-magical ammunition in batches, using the quantity listed in Table 6–8: Ranged Weapons (typically 10).

Getting Formulas

You can gain access to the formulas for all common items in Equipment by purchasing a basic crafter’s book. See the rules for information on how to acquire other formulas.

Crafting Example

A 5th-level wizard is an expert in Crafting. He has a Crafting modifier of +13 and the Magical Crafting feat. With 2 weeks of downtime ahead of him, he decides to craft a Striking Rune, a 4th-level item. The GM secretly chooses a DC of 19.

The item has a Price of 65 gp, so he prepares 32 gp, 5 sp worth of raw materials. He has another 32 gp, 5 sp worth of raw materials on hand. After spending 4 days building and incanting spells, he rolls a 12 on his Crafting check, for a result of 25. That’s a success! At this point, he can spend the additional 32 gp, 5 sp worth of materials to complete the item immediately for 65 gp.

However, he has 10 more days on his hands, so he decides to spend additional time to complete the item.

Because he’s a 5th-level character and an expert at Crafting, he reduces the amount he has to pay by 1 gp for each day spent. After spending 10 days working, he reduces the cost to complete the item from 65 gp to 55 gp. He spends the remaining portion of its Price in materials, completes the Striking Rune, and goes out on his next adventure. (He could have stayed home to keep working on the Striking Rune, eventually reducing the item’s total Price to just the half he paid up front, but adventuring is far more lucrative!)

If his Crafting check result were a 29 or higher, he’d have gotten a critical success. In that case, he’d reduce the remaining amount by 2 gp per day, lowering the amount needed to complete the item after 10 additional days of work to 45 gp.